I have a part exchange can I trade this in?

Yes, we accept part-exchanges.

A part-exchange can act as a deposit towards your finance agreement. This would reduce your total loan amount, which means the amount you pay back each month is reduced too.

Having a part-exchange can strengthen your position when awaiting approval as it means you'll only need to borrow a small amount. Zero and cash deposit options are also available.

Can I buy my car from any dealer?

No, We are only able to finance our own cars.

We've got a wide range of cars for you to view on our car search. Once we've found the car to suit your needs, your account manager will do the rest.

Our account managers have bags of experience in various areas of the motor trade so you can be as detailed as you like.

Can you apply for car finance to be in joint names?

No. The agreement is for you only so you'll need to sign for it in your own name

Can car finance be paid off early?

Yes - but you may have to pay a fee for early termination, depending on the lender.

Can car finance be transferred to another car?

In some cases this is achievable but of course this is dependent on your circumstances (negative equity, length of term etc). If you meet the suitable criteria for refinancing, speak to one of our Account Managers to discuss your options.

Will a car finance application have an impact on my credit rating?

At Instant Car Finance our pre-approval form allows you to check if you're eligible for car finance.

Unlike a full search, our "soft search" facility allows us to check eligibility for car finance without any negative impact on your credit report.

Remember! Too many "hard searches" on your credit file in quick session may damage your chances of getting finance.

To check if you're eligible APPLY NOW