Are you on income support and currently not working but need a car loan?

At Instant Car Finance, we are aware that some members of the community are currently not in work, whether this is due to disability, being a full-time parent or guardian or simply being between jobs, but we do not believe that being on income support should prevent you from getting a car.

Car Finance on Income Support

Whatever your reasons for being on income support, they won't necessarily mean that you don't need a vehicle, and we endeavour to help individuals in a variety of circumstances to gain approval for car finance agreements.

Buying a vehicle outright is often not possible for people on benefits and we realise that car finance agreements are sometimes the only available option. These agreements allow you to spread the cost, making paying for a car far more manageable, and at Instant Car Finance, we aim to make them more accessible.

We work closely with lenders that are willing to help applicants to secure car finance on income support. As long as we are certain that you will be able to make the required repayments without encountering financial difficulty, Instant Car Finance will be happy to support you.

Who Can We Help?

Instant Car Finance can help people seeking car finance on income support, you will just need to provide proof of income with recent bank statements.

Once we have determined the source and frequency of your income support we can perform a credit check and, providing you have a valid UK driving licence, we can help you to secure car finance today!

If you are looking to secure car finance on income support, call us on 0161 507 6300, browse our range of cars here or apply for car finance online.